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Stem Cell Therapy: A Rising Tide

Updated: May 8, 2019

"Neil H Riordan is an accomplished scientist and developer of regenerative medicine therapeutics, with more than 70 peer reviewed publications and more than 40 patents and patent applications to his credit. He is the author of MSC: Clinical Evidence Leading Medicine's Next Frontier, a groundbreaking compilation of stem cell studies for more than 30 medical conditions, with over 800 references to peer-reviewed articles. Dr. Riordan founded Medistem Panama, a leading stem cell laboratory and research facility that is ISO 9001 certified and fully licensed by the Panamanian Ministry of Health. He also founded the Stem Cell Institute in Panama, where his mesenchymal stem cell technologies continue to be implemented in patients, now numbering in the thousands, with autoimmune and degenerative diseases and injuries." (

An interview with Neil Riordan and Mel Gibson:


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