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Michael Schumacher underwent stem cell therapy (extracted from the Oct 10 2020)

Michael Schumacher, the racing hero underwent stem cell therapy to help regenerate his nervous system following his life-changing skiing accident in 2013. He was treated by Professor Philippe Menasché, a world-renowned medical pioneer specialising in stem cell research at the Georges-Pompidou hospital in Paris, back in June. Speaking to, Dr Menasché revealed this treatment was suitable for Schumacher as it also helps people with brain injuries. He said: "This is not a miracle treatment but there is pretty sound rationale behind it, so it is worth ethically testing with stem-cells. The cells used in the treatment are narrow, very robust and have anti-inflammatory properties. These can rescue damaged cells, caused by brain injuries, as their robustness helps with tissue protection."

Dr Menasché added the treatment is not likely to cause any long term side effects.

He said: "There has been a recent study of 2,000 patients who received the treatment for a variety of diseases. There were no side effects and the treatment did not trigger a reaction.

This means it is very safe."


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