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Stem Cell Therapies for Treating Diabetes

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

"Restoration of insulin independence and normoglycemia has been the overarching goal in diabetes research and therapy. While whole-organ and islet transplantation have become gold-standard procedures in achieving glucose standard in diabetes patients, the profound lack of suitable donor tissues severely hampers the broad application of these therapies." "Rapid advances in device technology, immune modulation, and generation of functional pancreatic islet cells from human stem cells may soon provide novel therapeutic avenues for the treatment of diabetic patients. While significant technical hurdles remain in all these areas, the advent of new encapsulation technologies, novel immune modulation approaches, and improved stem cell differentiation protocols paired with gene editing technologies carry the promise of revolutionizing modern cell therapy approaches for both T1D and T2D patients." Perspective, Cell Stem Cell, 2018. #diabetesmellitus


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